NEW ASI Communication Team is in full motion

by Andrés Rosberg

As sommeliers, we are communicators, forever telling the stories of wine, regions, flavors, vintages and people. Communicating about wine is our passion and it is an essential part of our work.

ASI is no different. We want to share our vision, challenges, achievements, dreams and all the news with our global family. ASI is made up of 58 national sommelier associations in five continents. Improving communications is a great way to bring us closer together, promote our profession, and strengthen our role as the leading international organization in the world of sommellerie.

On Nov. 18, 2017 I sent each association a letter about the composition of the different committees and I told you about our plans to issue a Newsletter during 2018.

Today I want to share this first edition of our monthly newsletter, which will be a vehicle to share news, information, opinions and work. It is the result of the work of our new PR, Communications and Marketing committee, directed by Michèle Chantôme, coordinated by Gabriel Dvoskin, and subdivided into three sections managed by Véronique Rivest (Marketing & PR), Liora Levi (Press & Communications) and Djurdja Katic (Internal Communication & Reporting).

During our first meeting in early March, the team worked on several fronts to establish best methods for articulating and disseminating ASI’s vision and developing communication guidelines for all international competitions. Their work includes the structuring of ASI’s social media channels to make them more efficient, developing requirements for a new website and a new logo, establishing contact with media and creating conditions to start building an inclusive press network with our member organizations.

Stay tuned for more information on world sommellerie. The closer we work the more growth we will bring to our profession and to the national sommelier associations in ASI.