New president in Sweden is Beatrice Becher

Beatrice is 29 years old and she has already done a lot. In 2011 she graduated at Restaurant Academy International Sommelier and the same year started to work as a sommelier at the Erik’s Wine Bar in Stockholm until 2013 when she change to Sturehof.

She was competing for several years, very successfully.

  •  1st place at Nordic Sommelier Competition 2014
  •  1st place at Swedish Sommelier Competition 2014
  •  1st place at Best Swedish female sommelier 2011 (Lily Bollinger Award)

Since 2015-2017 she was Fine Wine Ambassador at Vingruppen.
Nowadays she is manager and co-owner at Folii Wine Bar / Restaurant Stockholm.

Here is what she said to us:

Q1: What is your vision/plans in the future for Swedish Association of Sommeliers? 

My vision for the Swedish Sommelier Association is to create a lot of activities: tastings, workshops, lectures & meetings. Sweden is a long country and very divided so our focus will be to find new members in the whole country.  We want to create a platform where the industry can meet, network and share experiences.

Q2. How do you see development/promotion of the sommelier profession in Sweden and world?

I believe that the whole industry has shifted in the past few years. People are dining out much more often and the general costumer is much more aware and interested in wine and gastronomy. The sommelier schools are graduating more students every year and new wine restaurants are opening every week.  Since Sweden is in a not a wine producing country (yes, we produce small amounts) Swedish sommeliers are often taking influences from the entire world which makes Sweden a fun and diverse country to “wine and dine”.