New president in Norway is Liora Levi

Liora entered Norwegian Sommelier Association in a 2017 as vice president and in the same year she become Head of the press and communication for ASI.

She has been working in the restaurants business for a 10 years.

After she completed sommelier education she started to compete and she really did it!

  • 1st place in the Norwegian Championship 2013
  • 1st place in the Nordic Championship 2012
  • 2nd place in the Norwegian Championship 2012
  • 3rd place in the Baltic Championship 2011

Before 2015 when she started her own company, she was working in education of sommelier students, writing for food and wine magazines, worked for the German Wine Institute in Norway. Nowadays her company is dealing with wine consulting, wine tastings, wine writing, running the wine blog etc.

In February 2018 she was elected President of the Norwegian  Sommelier Association for a mandate of three years.

Here is what she told us:

Q1: What is your vision/plans in the future for Norwegian Sommelier Association?

Our vision for the Norwegian Sommelier Association is to increase the number of members drastically seeing that we have hundreds of sommeliers in Norway who are not members today. We want to create an association for all sommeliers in Norway. Of course for those working in restaurants, but also the ones who have «retired» to the import trade and the people who love wine so much that they have gone to the extend and taken a sommelier degree. Our goal is to create a platform for our sommeliers where they can come together and taste exceptional wines, network and learn even more about wine and its origins.

Q2: How do you see development/promotion of the sommelier profession in Norway and world?

Today we educate 100 sommeliers every year in Norway, which is a lot considering that we are not a wine producing country and we only have 5,3 million inhabitants. I get requests every week from restaurants and importers who are desperately seeking sommeliers so the demand for people in our profession is high here in Norway. I think that people in general, both in Norway and other parts of the world, are getting more conscious about their food and drinking habits which in turn requires restaurants to have educated staff on both sides of the kitchen counter.

photo by: Lars M. Holand