New (old) president in Serbia is Dejan Živkoski

Dejan is in a hospitality business since 1987.

Since that time, he was working in the hotels and restaurants all over Serbia and abroad.

He entered Serbian sommelier Association in 2003 and was one of the founders of the association. He become president of SERSA for the first time in 2014 and he was re-elected in 2018 for his 2nd mandate, until 2022.

Since 2014 SERSA was the host of GA ASI in 2016 and in 2018 will be host for the very first Balkan Sommelier Challenge. Nowadays, beside the association he is owner and working at the Steak & Wine bar in Belgrade and F&B adviser at Consili group for hotels all over the world.

Check here what he told us about his plans and visions:

Q1: What is your vision/plans in the future for Serbia Sommelier Association? 

Most people have a general idea about what they want for their lives. The capacity to relay that vision to others for me is the challenge. Regarding me, this is something that sets apart a leader from the rest.

Serbian Sommelier Association after many years starts to drive on the highway, in this moment not at full speed, but it certainly grows day by day.

This year is big for all of us from Southeast Europe, very new page of Food and Beverage industry will be written with the Balkan Sommelier Challenge. Serbian Sommelier Association is the host.

After this… lets dream… European championship…

Q2. How do you see development/promotion of the sommelier profession in Serbia and world?

Attracting and keeping engaged and loyal sommeliers – members is crucial to the success of a associations. A great way to retain sommeliers and nurture his skills is to consistently and actively promote professional development activities.

Encouraging professional growth shows your team you care about their progress and their future, and it inspires loyalty in members.

We have three Level of education for professionals and one for the wine lovers. For each of them we developed book and trainings.

Serbian Sommelier Association create a customized development plan for the best sommeliers to support professional development during performance planning. We have schedule regular coaching or mentoring sessions to improve skills and knowledge and discuss progress and allow the sommeliers to ask questions.

At the world level we need to create serious promotions who we are and what we do. ASI diploma must be present to all big hotel company’s and to the best restaurants of the world.